Review~ Moronic Idealism, An Obvious Political Statement Make This Film Fail, Damon & Foster; Elysium

Elysium, with Matt Damon, Jodi Foster & Sharlto Copley.  Director, Neill Blomkamp.  There are very few science fiction films, not considered B movies, that I do not see.  If I would have listened to my instincts this film would have been avoided.  There had been a bit of talk that I’d heard about an agenda & denials by Damon & the director, of any such thing.  They lied through their teeth.

Damon is a good actor, & I can’t fault his performance in this ridiculous movie.  A blockbuster, with a big budget, usually makes some sort of splash with me, but this atrocity was just too much to take.  With an metaphoric agenda, clearly promoting legalization of Mexicans who have crossed American borders illegally, without documentation & with the criminal intent of residing in a country that they do not belong.

I have never been more disgusted in my life, with any science fiction film.  I am so disappointed that words are difficult to extract in my expression of hate, of this whole production.  To pick up a script, twist it & cast it to be a replica of our current world.  Postulating that it’s unfair for people to be prosperous, while there are peasants & children suffering.  Yet, what kind of world, in the hear & now, would it be where there is no prosperity because of redistribution of the hard-earned & difficult built?

The writers created a universe where people that live normal lives of comfort & success are seen as villains & those who haven’t achieved, for whatever reasons, are to be seen as heroic.  This sounds to me like an echo of the failed Soviet dream of world Communism.

On top of it all, it’s an action film where the camera jerks back & forth so much that it’s nauseating.

This is a corrupt & simplistic film.  A horror with a definite US liberal agenda, to let every Mexican that wants to come across the border & mooch off of America’s success.  It clearly points to Mexicans as it only shows an Earth population that speaks Spanish in their quest to get someplace they are not welcome.

Avoid this film like the plague.  It’s worthless.  Shame on the director, on Foster & Damon.  The film villain Copley isn’t American; merely a dupe.

However; it was good to see crazy face Foster again.  Brilliant performance as the orbital defense chief.  Two good actors, do not a good movie make.  Pity.

Damon needs to retire his political statements.

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    • I liked District 9, perhaps you won’t mind the baggage that this one comes with as the politics do not apply to you.
      Apparently, I was in a very bad mood last night.