Review~ Treading Carefully Between The Law & Cartels – Johnson, Sarandon & Bernthal; Snitch

Snitch, with Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon & Jon Bernthal.  Director, Ric Roman Waugh.  Oh, how I hate drug or gang movies.  I just don’t like being taken into the world of the gutter with all the seedy underlings, thugs & wretches.

Only Johnson, one of my favorites, could have dragged me there.  Surprised I made it out alive, completely entertained!

Johnson, Mr. Forthrightness, with his open face & strong demeanor, was most excellent as a dad trying to get his son out of the clink.  Johnson really isn’t a character actor, but his personality seems to fit into all sorts of things.  Sort of funny that he’d play a middle-class suburbanite, trying to do right by his family.  He’s massive, but I thought he was taller.  Who knew?

Sarandon played a larger part than I expected.  Not just a cameo to lend her name to the project.  I must say, she’s well-preserved without looking at all stretched & sewn.  Always a great actress.  I just wish she would keep her politics, between films, to herself.  I’d like her more.

Bernthal stood out, lately of The Walking Dead, as the emotive focus.  Authentic, as someone with quite a bit of street credibility.  Perhaps he was killed off, in his television gig, as an entre’ to film.  Not sure, but glad to see him on the big screen.

This movie is one of the best, in my opinion, this year.  I recommend it heartily.  One always trusts Johnson.  He has an infectious smile.

2 responses

  1. The movie was OK but there were many dead moments that made the movie drag really slowly at times.
    i didn’t get why Sarandon excepted the role? she did a good job but it seemed to be beneeth her to participate in this movie.
    Overall the movie was very pastoral and lacked a sort of an excitement to it.