Liberal delusions & the mentality of general denial

Liberals are going to call Conservative reaction to their incongruous march to war, with Syria, an exaggeration. When it is actually an assessment of their hypocritical mentality.  They call it a stretch of the imagination in order to ignore their own actions & the failings of their president & other leaders.

Only the far Left adheres to the Democrat Party platform & its mindset guides.  But they’re just as irrational as the far right, of which no one hears from substantially, currently.

The groundswell of citizens that comprise the Tea Party Movement are left of center Right, to center Independent/Libertarian.  However; Liberals & many Conservatives fail to correctly identify this growing group of conservative citizens.  Who are stable, tolerant people that want a balanced budget, unaltered country & slowed social change.

I see this inability by so many people to identify & describe, not only who the Tea Party Movt really is (what it is, what it stands for, what it accomplishes), but who they themselves are, ideologically as being symptomatic of the general confusion, from the edges of the Libertarian Left, left to the edge of the Far Left crazies (Progressives, admitted Socialists & Communists).  The incapacity of some Conservatives, including their leaders, on the Right to identify the Tea Party points a finger at those that truly want to maintain their political power.  Also identifying the Tea Party incorrectly, some right extremists, in the real sense of the word, that incorrectly attempt to latch their far Right social agendas with said movement.

The Tea Party Movement, here mentioned, is merely a demonstrative catalyst in my above-said descriptions.  They are what they are, whether people understand it or not.  Not being able to define them correctly is a consequence of the Left being unable to have & defend their subscribed ideology – & some on the Right (politicians mostly) desperately clinging to power, in the old boy network of shaking hands after a fight.

The “civilians” of the Left are just part of Obama’s cult of race, mediocrity & worship of state. Their leaders know very well what’s going on, in toto.  It is these same cult civies that are comprehensively deluded.

The civies on the Right are still in a head in sand mode, hiding the fact they didn’t want to & didn’t vote for Romney because he’s a Mormon.  The Right is still not thinking.

Disaster is coming.  Waffling about can only put it off for so long.  9/11 was inevitable, it was a real possibility for many, many years.  Let it be said, I am not a doomsayer or chicken little, just a Watcher & sometimes Defender.

Some believe, rightly & rationally, that humanity has a dominant fatalism & that we adore slippery slopes & predict slippery slopes as we slide down them.