Review~ Dripping With Repetitive Water Under The Bridge, This Movie Sucks – Whitaker & Winfrey; The Butler

The Butler, with Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey & David Oyelowo.  Lee Daniels, director.  I knew what this was going to be, going in.  However; it was necessary to see, just to be sure.  All the ridiculous politically-liberal hype, preceding this monstrosity; all the fawning civil rights industry BS & Winfrey’s own petty slamming of US Conservatives, in order to sell her posterior to make a buck – created a gigantic sign post.  On that banner it said to me, “Here is a Liberal film that is guaranteed to revisit what is past, slam the opponents of those that are the current masters of US Blacks, The Democrats, & purposely paint former conservative American presidents as somehow, not being as good & wonderful as the Democratic Party icons that graced the White House in all their precious splendor.”

Whitaker, a talented actor last reviewed here in The Last Stand, was the perfect puppet in this exercise in nostalgic vomit.  Winfrey also, using her considerable skills, made this film a quality propaganda piece with Oyelowo, British, bringing up the caboose in this insipid cup of weakness.

All I can say, through my disgust & low priority anger is, the moral of this play is; keep on kicking a dead horse because it’s there until it’s decayed & everyone’s dead.  A grand old pat yourself on the back nothing, filled with actors known for their liberal leanings & socialist agendas.  Including a cameo by Hanoi Jane playing a Nancy Reagan; who, if just a decade younger, would have excoriated her until there was no life left in her whining, traitorous body.  Such a cowardly act & she knows it.  Contrary to casual rhetoric, from her part, to the contrary.

Avoid this film, like the plague.  It’s all about discussion & feelings, dabbling in shoring up what’s left of support for the likes of Jesse Jackson & Sharpton – for if there was no constant rehashing of the crimes of the past; there would be no need for these hypocritical scum & their lies.

It is a disease to see everything through the prism of race.

So, let it be.

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    • You’re welcome!
      An expensive movie filled with moronic stars that apparently don’t care if people despise their ideology of entitlement & lies.
      Also, it’s a film meant to appeal, primarily, to two sectors of the American public. Blacks & Liberals of every flavor. Which is not admirable, in my book.
      It reeks of non-integration & the unfair criticism of the – difference between racial cultures in the US. Indeed, the best way to continue divisions. But, what does one expect of the liberals.