The American Republic must veer right to restoration

It must be difficult for American Liberals, when their role models in Europe, who remain socialist to varying degrees, mock socialist busy body fads, e.g., food policing, that our liberals also have in their insipid toolbox of stupidities.

While Norway, The Netherlands & Germany swing to the right; at least, as far as they’re willing to gravitate, sans a true nationalist/patriotic profile; they retain their socialist “democratic” infrastructure, yet attack the very core policies that the US Liberals, in their childishness & worship, have come to adore.

I noticed yesterday that there is now a debate in Germany about their (fairly) recently implemented energy policies. A discussion which I predicted two years ago, would happen.  The prophecy not being a difficult task for me, as rational commonsense & basic physical reality always dictate that mistakes must be resolved with the tools & resources that a nation possesses.

Europe is crumpling slightly & there remains a simmering danger to the Euro currency.

The acting First Lady in the US has been humiliated & excoriated this past week with her lowlife version of food policing & now, a victorious Merkel, who can’t be unaware of everything American (how can it ever be missed in today’s world) has risen again to their premiership, helped by her added ballistics aimed at their own food police.

Liberals are indeed having difficulties & I am more than willing to kick them while they’re down.  Sharp, painful knocks to their ribs, hoping bones break & organs burst.

Remember, America has a tradition of slaughtering tyrants.  It is now time to turn that ruthless ability to our enemies within. They endanger our stability, the balance of the Republic.  They have imposed unacceptable intrusion upon our liberties, with the reasoning that the poor need to be gifted above & beyond the more than generous safety nets that we had in place.  They have increased surveillance beyond the point that was previously unacceptable, in order to hide exactly who our enemies truly are & to implement government control of the populace, in case of unrest.

To me, this is all treason.  These are the actions of tyrants.  There will come a time when all actions will again speak louder than words.  Sooner or later, there will be a purge.  A cleansing not inhibited by a constitution, which has been mauled to the point of invalidity.  Every, single principle therein already violated & nullified.  Our rule of law is no longer backed up by a working framework, the US Constitution; no matter what rationale some of us choose to use, to deny this.

Our laws can currently be considered invalid, because the Constitution has been nullified by the actions of those that were given authority under it.  Is this why we see Homeland Security implementing actions, in their nervousness, obviously designed for insurgency?  Yes.  This is all true & it is pragmatically correct.  I am just delineating it for perusal.

I await for the spark that will create chaos, in which we will restore our original order.  It might never happen!  But it may happen tomorrow or next year.  I’m ready & am not alone.

Someday, I will join a call to arms, to restore the Republic that our Founders crafted.

Though not an instigator, I will participate.

Let tyrants beware.

This is my prayer.