Review~ Brad Dourif’s Daughter Stars In This Return Of an Evil Doll; Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky, with Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, Brennan Elliott & Brad Dourif.  Director, Don Mancini.  I saw the first couple of Chucky films, a long time ago, but have avoided any subsequent projects for years.  Even though the concept no longer appeals to me, it was time to revisit the whole shebang.  It was fine, no surprises, a couple of good special effects; nothing to write home about.  But it was the cast that made the day.

Brad Dourif’s daughter, Fiona,  is excellent as a crippled, young lady living with her troubled mother; in a big, old isolated house.  She certainly has her father’s eccentric talent, plus an ability to screech like a harpy when needed.  An ability to show believable confusion is always necessary in a horror film.  If one hopes to keep the film out of “B” status.  Her famed father also stars in the film, but is not integral to the story.

Bisutti stands out as the best of this cast.  Sister to Fiona’s character.  Petty & grasping, a laughable target that everyone wants to have dead.  That’s the score card to these films, isn’t it.  Deciding who must die & hoping that it’s horrible & painful.  She is a classic beauty & one notes her talent lies in her subtle facial expressions.  If Chucky is the horror, she certainly makes a good villain.

I recommend the film.  While it doesn’t qualify as a bucket of blood, there are a couple of thrifty, but effective & cringe-worthy scenes.  Certainly, not what we would have expected & seen in the 70’s & 80’s.  But that seems to be the way of things, nowadays.  Horror without vivid slaughter.  Slightly disappointing, to say the least.

It’ll do, for now.

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