Columbus Day!

History is full of great pioneering explorers but none so august as Columbus.  I’ve always taken this yearly Federal Holiday to reflect on time & it’s different paths.  Were not Columbus to have discovered the Americas, it would have been someone else.  A decade or a century later.  Yet it was Columbus who won that day.  Europeans, with their deep & abiding tradition of exploration, with no equal whatsoever in the Old World; found a new place to plant their flags & spread their cultures.

It was the West that discovered the Americas.  Not the other way around.  Let’s never forget that.  What’s done is done & antiquity is gone.  We live in a new age & have all moved on.  Our planet is a smaller place & great new discoveries are yet to happen.  Only those that are trapped in their bitterness of defeats long past – are left behind.  Along with those that support that all the water under the bridge.

For the time being, the dust has settled.  America is a wonderful place, except for those that just can’t see their affected tears & manufactured complaints.  It doesn’t matter, because those that oppose the celebration of the discoverer & his accomplishments are ignored.

I love this day & spend only a moment thinking about those that do not share my respect.

This is a day to remember & honor the explorers of Western Civilization.  A day to be proud of the spirit of discovery all around the world.

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