Review~ Nazis Confiscate Valuable Art From A Clever Viennese Jew, Moritz Bleibtreu; My Best Enemy (Mein bester Feind)

My Best Enemy, with Moritz Bleibtreu, Georg Friedrich, Ursula Strauss, Marte Keller & Udo Samel.  Director, Wolfgang Murnberger.  Though I’m not familiar with too many European actors, it’s certainly a pleasure making the acquaintance of these wonderful people, in this film.  Just when I think there couldn’t be another World War II film that would be worth watching; one pops up & proves me wrong.

Bleibtreu, a intriguing German actor, portrays the scion of a prestigious, Viennese art gallery during the first part of the war.  His father possesses a rare Michelangelo drawing that the Nazis are dead set on getting their hands on, via confiscation as this family is Jewish.  Bleibtreu, if I’m not mistaken, seems to have a comedic aura about him during this serious, but shrewd story.  Brilliant casting which gives the film a touch of the ridiculous, slightly lifting the serious subject matter to a palatable level.

Both Friedrich & Strauss complete the story; the former, Bleibtreu’s nemesis.  The latter, his fiancee.  All with talent to rival any on Hollywood’s A-list in a story that was a simple race, with minor twists, told well.

Marte Keller is exquisite.  A supporting role, for a fine lady.

I recommend this engaging movie, with it’s soulful actors.  I would also be tempted to say that it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in 2013.  Delightful movie.