Review~ Rednecks’ Secret Demons In the Hills Cause Havoc; Jug Face

Jug Face, with Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter & Sean Young.  Director, Chad Crawford Kinkle.  Some people call them rednecks.  I prefer the term hillbillies.  This genre of horror has seen the delivery of quite a few films in the past few years.  Good & bad.  Depending on the talent & direction.  Personally, I was intrigued.  Once.  No longer.

While this film was well-done, acted & directed.  I think this will be last time I jump into a scenario such as this, for entertainment.

I am being fair.  It had a tremendous cast.  Sean Young being first & foremost, a goddess with massive talent, ever since her role in Blade Runner, 1982.  Carter, an asset in the film Premium Rush.  Bridgers, evidently a eager talent who knows how to play a hick, who has a mysterious ability making folk art, liquor jugs that indicate the wishes of some malevolent forces, which the scum follow devotedly.

That’s about all I can say without whining that; if I wanted to immerse myself in peasants’ drama, it would be easier to party with filth in an alley.

I do not recommend the film.  Unless you haven’t had your fill of this sort of thing, of course.  But it is an original concept, of sorts, & Sean Young plays a dirty virago.  She’s still beautiful.

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