Review~ Piracy On The High Seas Captures An Innocent American, Tom Hanks; Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips, with Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Michael Chernus & Max Martini.  Director, Paul Greengrass.  Though this film didn’t do as well at the box office, as expected; I wanted to see it because the reports & criticisms were aimed at the authenticity of this biopic.  It’s a movie & doesn’t need to be true.  I found it to be of the highest quality in every sense of the word.

Hanks is at his best when he sticks to acting, instead of damaging political vomiting.  He would be a favorite of mine, if he didn’t spew his socialism all over the place.  Otherwise, he’s just an average-talent actor.  Not the best available & definitely over-rated.  His portrayal of a captain of a container ship that was seized, briefly, by Somali pirates was right on.  I felt his distress, when he was taken by the pirates onto a lifeboat.  Thus began the meat of the story.

Whether the details of the incident are true, is irrelevant.  The movie told its story & drew me in.  Completely.  The emotion of disgust was palpable as I watched an average man, taken by pond scum.  The film did not excuse these filthy people.  It’s impossible to defend the historic criminality of piracy against ships.  However; the film does lightly touch on the reasoning of simpletons & peasants.  Suggesting that the responsibility for piracy off the Somali Coast, is that of the warlords that run rampant in that failed state & weak people.

Being an armchair general, my first thoughts were to bomb all their ports & forbid all fishing.  Enforced by deadly force & summary execution.  It’s the time-honored & only effective way to deal with this problem.  But, that’s just me.  Blame my commonsense for coming up with a solution & have sympathy for those that want to coddle & kiss the lowest lifeforms on the planet.

I recommend the film.  Hanks is actually good & pulls off a great character study.

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  1. I didn’t see this film because it just didn’t look appealing enough, from the trailer it looked average at best. Seeing Hanks do this heroic shtick didn’t help either.