Review~ Assassinated Kennedy Destroyed Locals’ Lives In More Ways Than One; Parkland

Parkland, with Marcia Gay Harden, Zac Efron, Matt Barr, Paul Giamatti & Billy Bob Thornton.  Director, Peter Landesman.  This is a new take on the President Kennedy assassination.  I know, it’s been kicked over & over, but I found this movie to be anecdotal in nature.  Therefore; a snapshot of others who were directly affected.

The film didn’t dwell or showcase any of the actors in particular.  Except for the character that filmed the personal Super 8 movie of the actual assassination.  Giamatti playing an odd, local man overwhelmed & melodramatic.  Unable to come to immediate terms with the disaster, but required by officials to develop & view his film.  Whether the actual person portrayed was as idiotic & emotionally unprepared for disaster, is my question.  Perhaps this was just Giamatti, overlaying his own personality.

The film was fast-paced & authentic.  I recommend it, as it uses many emotions already in a viewer, plus adequate talent; bringing the incident to life.

Efron is lacking in any sufficient qualities for the role he played a doctor who initially treats a dying JFK; but Harden makes up for the deficit.