Review~ War In Asgard with peril between worlds, Hemsworth, Portman Hiddleston; Thor: The Dark World


Thor: The Dark World review

Thor: The Dark World review

Thor: The Dark World, with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston & Anthony Hopkins.  Director, Alan Taylor.  All the requisite elements being in place, there was something missing to this epic episode of Thor’s adventures.

Hemsworth is perfect, in my opinion.  Though he’s seldom given roles that showcase his thespian-ship.  His Thor is grand & there’s no ignoring his physical presence.  However; he does need to work on his charisma & click it up a notch.  Perhaps that is why is best cast in these superhero adventures.  We’ll see, how he fairs in the future.

There’s no doubting that the film is complicated & complex.  Relying on the viewer to have knowledge of the Avengers & of the previous Thor film.  Maybe this was a flaw; but who am I to direct the director & writers.  I found the central goal of the protagonists to be much too simple.  The process of accomplishing the good & evil in the movie was fantastical, imbued with great concepts & exciting effects.  However; it was a bit confusing & hard to sympathize with the characters.

Hiddleston’s Loki also seem drowned in a film where he was center stage, with Thor.  It was he, who managed to evoke a bit of focus, from this critic.  While all others were running around in circles.  I would say, who sets the record straight in the matter of a god’s extended mortality.

Portman does get points for trying.  Poor thing.  She is earnest, but far from being an actress that calls romance to mind.  Compare her to previous sirens of the silver screen & you’ll understand what I mean.  It would be insulting to explore this further without being crude.

I do recommend this film.  It’s certainly an eyeful of graphic color, great costumes & fine human specimens.

The missing element?  A plot worthy of a good science fiction story or fantasy.

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  1. A good plot is always missing from Marvel Films.
    I was really disappointed from the 1st Thor, this one seems to look like an improvement. Although the only Marvel films that were good were the Iron Man films. Thor 2 looks like it can be as entertaining.