Review~ American child finds love & meaning amidst horror, Saoirse Ronan; How I Live Now

How I Live Now, with Saoirse Ronan, George MacKay & Anna Chancellor.  Director, Kevin Macdonald.  Love stories really aren’t my cup of coffee, but I found this excellent film to be more than just that.  Simply put; it’s a study in perseverance.

Ronan, last reviewed in Hanna, is more than just good as a saucy American girl, sent to stay with her cousins in England.  Her transformation in time of necessity, to adulthood, & her hesitantly trusting, love for the young man played by charming MacKay; is pleasing.  Almost instructive, after a fashion.  No hysteric, this one.

The film is ultimately an English disaster story.  A bit of rape & pillage.  Thrown in with a horn of plenty filled with things children should never be exposed to.  I think it was this aspect of the movie which qualifies its thrills.

Though there are a few background details that left me wanting, it’s a fast walk with no let up.  The stage initially being set with total disaster amidst precious moments of innocence & awakening.

I recommend the film.  The horror is muted with almost non-graphic violence.  Well done & tasteful.