Review~ Fatal decision plunges lawyer into merciless world, Michael Fassbender; The Counselor

The Counselor, with Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem & Brad Pitt.  Director, Ridley Scott.  This was Fassbender’s chance to shine.  His cold & elegant demeanor was able to pull this off, after a fashion.

Fassbender’s portrayal of a lawyer, for a crime boss, who decides to use his position to delve into a drug smuggling venture; is mildy convincing with the addition of a few tears & expressed anguish.  Perhaps miscast, the actor does make the film his own, under Scott’s direction.  I’m thinking it could have been a great movie.  Instead of just passable.

Cruz’ character is the unwitting ride-along.  Her quiet presence is refreshing in a film that needs to be paid attention to, in order to keep track of the machinations.  I like her.  An understated talent that remains, currently successful.

It’s not a spoiler to say, the film focus is on the absolute ruthlessness of this dangerous underworld.  It also waxes poetic on occasion about the reasons for this, cultural & political.  If indeed, you do pay attention.  Though it will go without saying that business is business in a process of smuggling, that is long established, the imagery supporting this is interesting.  Along with two bit philosophical meanderings of some of the characters.

Though this wasn’t exactly a success at the box office, it did make a fair amount of profit.  The actors & directors bringing in audiences.  However; there was no public acclaim of this muted blockbuster.

I recommend it.  Each of the actors is a world unto themselves & worth the watch.

Pay attention to the cheetahs.

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