Nelson Mandela: Marxist & friend to America’s enemies is dead

Nelson Mandela, Marxist & friend to America’s enemies – has died.  Mandela died in South Africa.  The founder of a horrible, replacement regime of the former, equally repellent Apartheid system & the country’s first black president, has finally died after years of one crisis, overly-hyped health incident, after another.

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2 responses

  1. If you look at South Africa today nothing has changed. Everything just deteriorated to the worse. Unemployment is at all time high, the crime on the streets is at all time high as well, although nobody reports that because apparently if the victim is white than its not really a crime in now-days South Africa. White farmers are killed constantly and their crops are robbed after their death’s. A white individual has to walk around with bodyguards in this “wonderful” country that Mandela shaped.