Film Review: Open Grave (Sharlto Copley) Suspicion grips a group without memories of horrors around them

Open Grave, with Sharlto Copley, Joseph Morgan, Thomas Kretschmann, Erin Richards & Josie Ho.  Director, Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego.  Waking up without a memory is a familiar theme & not necessarily original; but this film is stimulating with its excellent cast & well-written script.

The three male lead actors, led by Copley of Elysium & Europa Report, impressively guide us through this mystery as a seemingly tight-knit group of people awaken without memories, in a house, in the woods, surrounded by dead people that appear to have been murdered.  Copley is forceful in his demeanor & interesting to watch.

The film does have a feeling that time is running out & that something vague needs solving, while there’s still time.  Therefore; a puzzle wrapped in a time limit.  Just the mystery of amnesia is enough to be compelling in this drama.  The addition of amazingly good talent & the neutral background of death & confusion really does top off this movie.

I recommend the film.  Copley is fabulous & Kretschmann has a vitality that I find engaging.