Film Review: Filth (James McAvoy) Schizo Scottish inspector looking for a promotion & stabbing everyone in the back

Filth, with James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Joanne Froggatt & Eddie Marsan.  Director, Jon S. Baird.  Though the film reminded me of Harvey Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant (1992), it had it’s own ambiance, the Scottish gloom, & the lead character had his own twisted issues.

McAvoy was over the top, in this bad boy soap opera with near hallucinogenic, bouncing camera filming; meant to portray an out of control & drugged up cop.  It was also, almost too much to sit through; but the film managed to throttle itself down to a level that was interesting & depressing at the same time.

While it’s not my idea of a partial comedy, schizophrenia rarely is, there were some moments that were deceptively brutal.  Ergo, the comedy.  Yes, I was shocked a few times; but as an American my focus was on trying to comprehend the dialect.  It’s very American to misread the Scots & their lingo.

I recommend the film.  It’s kitschy.  McAvoy is purposeful, to say the least.