Film Review: Out of the Furnace (Christian Bale) Slow moving revenge film, hillbillies & mill town drama

Out of the Furnace, with Christian Bale, Casey Affleck & Zoe Saldana.  Director, Scott Cooper.  Though a great cast & superb direction, with Ridley Scott as one of the producers; this film was slow, pedantic & uninteresting.

Bale’s portrayal of a mill town worker, who goes in & out of prison because of a tragic mistake, is adept & professional.  On its face.  However; the script & story about justice & revenge had very little to keep my attention.

Hillbilly criminals & fight clubs are what they are, but when there is no original concept, twist & outstanding performances it just isn’t worthy of attention.  Especially when it takes over an hour for anything of substance to happen.

Affleck’s character, the brother of of Bale’s role, is classically written as someone that drifts & has no meaning.  Recklessness & needless gambling highlighted to paint a picture of someone that is spiraling down to ruin.  He was also excellent, in the role.  Also, doing his utmost to express his talent in something that was just a disaster.

I don’t recommend this film for viewing.  It has a great cast, well done; but the concept & story were bottom drawer.

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  1. The moment i finished watching the confusing trailer of the film i knew that this film i am going to pass on. Although i really like Christian Bale