Film Review: Rush (Chris Hemsworth) Formula 1 legends battle through their emotions on the track

Rush, with Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl & Olivia Wilde.  Director, Ron Howard.  The Grand Prix is a world of its own & though I’m not familiar with it, this film was enjoyable & exciting.

Hemsworth is almost excellent, as the legendary, philandering playboy James Hunt highlighting his career in terms of his competition with Niki Lauda, played by Bruhl.  However; I’m quite sure, by commonsense alone, that Hunt’s career & mindset wasn’t totally ruled by this competition & I seriously doubt he was obsessed & obsessed over by Lauda.

The movie’s mid-1970’s backdrop was a fine accomplishment, though the sets weren’t necessarily filled with an environment thereof.  But the illusion was perfect, accomplished with old footage, enhanced & edited nicely.

Bruhl is superb in his portrayal.  Sober & methodical, physically chosen for the part – as was Hemsworth.

Wilde’s role as Hunt’s fashion model wife Suzy Miller wasn’t really substantial but she was able to shine through this limitation to give life to a minor role.

I recommend the film.  While Hemsworth isn’t the greatest thespian possible in such a drama the production carries it all along nicely, with Bruhl in the lead.

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