Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street (DiCaprio) Stockbroker’s unscrupulous life is amazing & pathetic

The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Kyle Chandler & Margot Robbie.  Director, Martin Scorsese.  Which this feature, the director was consistent & abrupt; as he is with all his films.  Therefore; all the criticisms about it all, which include vulgarity, the amount of sex scenes & supposed insensitivity – are just ephemera in the scheme of things.  I was fascinated by the characters throughout the film & didn’t have a difficult time sitting for three hours of insanity.

DiCaprio’s portrayal of the lead wasn’t over the top, as this is about someone who is a combination of  a reckless Mr. Magoo & a ruthless highwayman.  I believed in the character & didn’t, for one moment, question whether DiCaprio was acting & expressing.  So, yes.  He was good.  It can be difficult being a character that is benign, without fault.  It is easy to be a villain, but a stretch to be a natural rogue.  He accomplished, being a walking time bomb, with aplomb.

The supporting talent was equally adept, with Hill leading the band as the  very incarnation of a human pig.  Chandler as Pursuing Justice & Robbie emoting as a callous parasite.

The movie was beautiful, cinema-wise, & was a respite from action films with cameras jerking back & forth.  This is recommended viewing from my standpoint.  An excellent walk down a path of no return.

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