Film Review: The Book Thief (Geoffrey Rush) Captivating child breaks your heart in this touching wonder

The Book Thief, with Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse, Emily Watson & Kirsten Block.  Director, Brian Percival.  I’ve whined previously about movies with brats in them & usually avoid them like a hawk.  However; this really wasn’t a children’s movie.  It was a movie about luck, compassion & mortality.

Nélisse was a little lady & excellent as a waif that’s been adopted by a German couple in Nazi Germany, 1938 or so.  Her stoic charisma immediately reeled me in & her interaction with her character’s adopted father, Rush, were subtle & effective.  Rush, in his usual brilliance, is the epitome of kindness & understanding amidst the civilian tensions of that past evil regime.

Watson stood out as a tempestuous, hard knocks German, trying to make things work with a practicality that she was always hesitant to implement.  I adore her.  Her ability to become someone else is truly something to aspire, whether you’re an actor, someone who needs to reinvent or if a disguise is necessary.

I recommend the film.  It will indeed make you feel joy & sorrow at the impermanency of life.