Film Review: Blue Jasmine (Blanchett) Pampered woman set adrift among common folk searching for a new place

Blue Jasmine, with Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins, Peter Sarsgaard & Bobby Cannavale.  Director, Woody Allen.  Allen’s film’s have never been my favorites  Though always entertaining, his haphazard style has never struck my funny bone.  This movie has to the first that’s really given me pause.  I liked it.

Blanchett, always the consummate actress, is gorgeous & very human as a former socialite who has fallen on hard times, seeking refuge with her less than upper class sister in San Francisco.  Her character is played well, without reservation & with attention to detail.  I found that the character evolve wonderfully & minutely, as someone set in their ways will do when challenged with life’s vagaries.

As with Allen’s movies, there’s a plethora of characters, with eccentric personalities & diverse personal dramas.  This carousel of people was no different.  However; each character seemed to revolve around the central figure of Blanchett, instead of the usual independent madness that marks Allen’s previous ventures.

I recommend the film.  Blanchett’s character evokes tragedy on a scale that many just cannot understand.  I suppose, many people won’t understand the context & think it’s a joke.  It’s not.

Plenty of laughs can be had & it is a comedy.  Watch it with discernment.  There’s a reason why it’s an award winner.