Film Review: Oldboy (Brolin & Copley) Angry man in search for those that imprisoned him for 20 years

Oldboy, with Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth Olsen & Samuel L. Jackson.  Director, Spike Lee.  Exceptionally done, though I’m not usually a fan of Lee’s works.  I dearly love films which verge on the supernatural, but stay in the here & now.  In our own, usual reality.

Brolin is credible as someone incensed that he’s been detained for 20 years in near isolation, within a repetitive environment.  I do believe his bulldog physique & ramrod acting style is one of my favorites.  His no-nonsense demeanor contrasted sharply with Copley; whose elegant & changeable, character-acting brilliance is on full display.

The film is simply done & draws on several modis operandi, including Kung Fu & various stop-&-visualize, profiling detective film & TV series methods.

I liked it & was extremely entertained & shocked, at times.  Enjoying the up close & in your face cinematography.  Therefore; I do recommend this movie for viewing.