Film Review: Winter’s Tale (Farrell & Crowe) Another somewhere in time story of blank-eyed longing

Winter’s Tale, with Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly & Jessica Brown Findlay.  Director, Akiva Goldman.  I’ll watch any period piece, costume drama; it seems.  It doesn’t always push the right buttons.  This was a misfire.  A slack-jawed nothing, with a bit of mystery & evil versus good.

Farrell does his best to be a romantic lead in this stupidity.  However; it comes across with a lot of shots with him posing with wide-eyed goodness wondering at life’s wonders.  It’s a fair use of a good talent, in a bad film.  He’s alright.  The film’s not.

Of course, Hurt does his hesitant & wise character thing.  Ever the unsaid sage.  Which has grown a bit old over the years & is one of the most ridiculous of stereotypical niches I can think, anyone can find themselves occupying.  He makes his choices, it’s his fault.  Anyway, his appearance is just a cameo as is Eva Marie Saint’s interesting inclusion.

The movie is monotonous & vacuously panders to juveniles.  Offering “role models” for their little dramas.  I don’t recommend it.  I won’t even mention the idiotic insertion of Will Smith, as yet another cameo.  I will say, that overdoing cameos of familiar faces can get a bit old.  More than one, is too much.  Unless it’s a comedy.