Film Review: Divergent – Courageous young people & noble parents battle corruption in a perfect society

Divergent, with Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, Jai Courtney & Ray Stevenson.  Director, Neil Burger.  I almost didn’t attend this film, as the trailer didn’t do it justice.  Showing a film that seemed to be all about a little drama, but no pizazz.  It’s a very effective sci-fi  movie, with loads of action & daring do.

Woodley, sort of an up & coming Jennifer Lawrence, seems in her element as a young woman who needs to choose which caste with which to belong, in a post-apocalyptic world where people live within a ruined city surrounded by an enormous wall to keep the unsaid out.  Her character is a bit shallow at first, but this builds as the story unfolds.  Well written & tidy.  She is able to pull off a good rendition of perseverance & agility.  She does have potential but would have been nothing without her fellow actors.

The film, evidently the first of a trilogy, is a bit lacking in detail & explanation of things that actually do need explaining.  While there is nothing wrong with letting an audience fill in their own details, science fiction often needs a bit of help with concepts & environments.  It’s the future.  Some things need to be pointed out.  I won’t spoil it by listing what needs to be defined.

Perhaps, the two stars with some standout quality are Courtney & James.  Courtney, for successfully playing a character you want to assault.  James, because his performance hints at professional, dramatic talent.  I’m sure the women in the theater- a majority, I might add – would have noted James handsome visage; rather than focusing on obvious ability.

All in all, the film was able to bring more than a bit of emotion out of me, on more than one occasion.  On a bad day, that’s a great accomplishment.  I do recommend it for viewing & definitely look forward to subsequent chapters, explaining the unexplained, hinted at above.

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  1. When I saw the trailer for the film it looked like a poor copy of Hunger Games with a lot of unknowns. The trailer itself looked bad and was hard to grasp what exactly was all the fuss is about. Until this point in time i wasn’t going to see it, but if you think its worth checking out i will give it a try.