Don’t expect Pollard to ever be released, the drama & bluffs continue

Personally, I think this all a cruel joke; the Israelis are erroneously & periodically coaxed to believe that Pollard may be released & that he’s a “hero that deserves release”.  Let it go.  He was never a good guy.

Jonathan S. Tobin writes:

…Having already released scores of Arab murderers, who have been subsequently honored and embraced by Abbas, there is little incentive for Netanyahu to keep letting them out if the Palestinians are not going to commit to peace talks whose purpose is an end to the conflict. If he is going to be blamed for the collapse of Kerry’s initiative no matter what he does, it would be a mistake to start making further concessions that will come back to haunt him later. The problem with injecting Pollard into peace talks is that it is the sort of American concession for which Israel will pay a disproportionate price with little prospect of receiving what it wants. That’s what happened the last time he offered to make territorial concessions in exchange for Pollard’s freedom. In the end, the Palestinians got the land, and Israel got neither Pollard nor peace. …

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