Film Review: Noah (Crowe & Connelly) Family races against time to save themselves & the innocent

Noah, with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone & Anthony Hopkins.  Director, Darren Aronofsky.  I came up against quite a bit of hate towards the film, before it was released in theaters today.  The complaint being that god was going to destroy the earth because of overpopulation & environmental concerns.  Rather than mankind being guilty of particular sins.  Therefore; automatic boycotts aplenty & self-righteous whining.

If these petty complaints, by people unfit to critique a film & unable to understand that it’s just a movie, were the only problems this film had; it would have been a success.  Though riddled with excellent & fantastical effects, cast with excellent actors, each performing splendidly; it was a bore.  A simple story from the bible drawn out to more than two hours.

After the exciting run up to the flood, it was a let down & I literally began to get sleepy.  The movie began to drip with melodrama, syrupy & maudlin.  I could barely wait for the ending credits to flee the theater.  Before I began to completely lose interest, I was a bit amused that, what was supposed to be the Neolithic world, seemed to be a post-apocalyptic, science fiction nightmare.  Which I watched patiently, realizing that artistic license is what it is.

All in all, Crowe was fabulously himself.  Pertinent & ongoing towards his goal.  The perfect Noah with a sensitive & abiding wife, expertly played by Connelly.  It’s all so interesting to begin with & the plot well known enough that acceptance is already built in.  But it all plays out too early.

I do recommend the film for viewing.  It’s definitely a masterpiece, despite being overly long for a simple story.  The cast is brilliant & one forgets that it’s a bible story brought to life.  Vibrantly.  The morality play inherent in the film, may not be what god intended; but it’s right & good.