I have joined the devotees of The Blacklist

Not really being a James Spader fan in the past, I had ignored those that mentioned The Blacklist & muted any TV spots that happened across my field of view.  But after watching the pilot, I was hooked.

If there’s one production that Spader is indeed created for, it’s this series.  He’s perfectly suited to play the pompous, omniscient criminal, who’s allied himself to the FBI, for the purpose of reeling in the worst of the worst, of the world’s criminals.  The subsidiary cast of actors around him, including Megan Boone & Ryan Eggold, bow to him from their positions of adequate performances.

Though, not a reviewer of things television; I recommend the series.  At the time of this writing, I’ve gone through seventeen episodes & need to finish two more.  It’s been a very pleasing television marathon.

2 responses

  1. i got to hand it to you, you watched through the entire season FAST.
    Spader is pretty good in this role, unfortunately the rest of the actors in the show don’t do much, and Spader is the only star.
    The show is good and does provide a nice entertainment but its not the best thing on TV. On the other hand there is not much out there right now but you already know that and that’s why you started watching the show.