Film Review: Enemy (Gyllenhaal & Mélanie Laurent) Discovered doppelganger causes consternation

Enemy, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon & Isabella Rossellini.  Director, Denis Villeneuve.  The film left me wanting more details, despite understanding that not all stories have to spell everything out.  Surprisingly & apparently, I haven’t seen an art film for quite a while & when confronted by a modicum of metaphor, I was spinning in place.  Briefly.

Gyllenhaal is actually pretty swell in his portrayal of a history teacher who discovers he has a double.  Though not overly fond of his film decisions, since he became a name, this seemed to be an adequate vehicle to display the talent, which indeed he does possess.  I like him, but someone needs to inform him that the Yeti-look is old news.  At least, since the 1970’s.  Point him in the direction of the depilatory shelf, at the nearest bulk-buy, please.

I swear, the movie has an almost sci-fi feel to it.  But it is definitely not.  However; I could feel the overwhelming meaninglessness of life hovering in the pollution over the Ontario filming locations.  Excellent locales lend that extra added touch, in a way that words cannot.

Dismayed; I was, at some incongruities thrown in.  Attempting to develop the lead character.  Right from the beginning.  It verges on being art & ends up being a dead end.  However; the story does end up trying to validate itself from the onset to conclusion.  I did enjoy it, despite my own confusion.  It seems good.

This needed more; but, on the face of it, I give my recommendation.

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