My only published word on Cliven Bundy

I’ve kept silent through this whole Bundy debacle because I knew – from being resident here in the Western States, from my contacts with Mormons & knowing exactly who these people are – this was going to end badly.  What started as populism & a standoff between the government & the common man, was never going to go anywhere.

Mr. Bundy is exactly the idiot that I’ve previously noted & discussed with my colleagues on social media.  Now, he has absolutely no substantial conservative champions; whatsoever.  This is what happens when people, that jumped on the jackass-hick wagon, don’t get information from a cross cut of people to interview (in the case of major name, conservative broadcasters) about a man’s character.

I’m sure there are several people, that know what kind of a little man he truly is, shaking their heads at the utter stupidity of so many conservatives, who were too quick to defend him.  The problem is; the whole environment is in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no concentration of people to network with. Perhaps someone should have talked to Bundy’s Mormon bishop or his various neighbors & relatives.  Those that truly understood the situation, from the beginning.  Understanding the caliber of his character, tendencies & history.

Fools. The whole premise to the situation is; that he hasn’t paid his grazing fees for twenty plus years!  How can this be clearer?  Writing “time bomb” on his forehead in ink?

What is suffering, because of this folly?  Those conservatives who are in denial & refuse to give up the ghost &, what appeared to be, the perfect platform for our Western States to begin a fight to take back Federal land.

Also damaged?  Multiple relationships between conservative pundits.  Those that continue to defy reality & defend an idiot, even to the point of twisting what he actually said & meant, in order to “prove” that he didn’t mean what he spewed forth.

Personally, I could have done without all the reality moments today.  Seeing so many “conservative” bloggers, pundits & reactionists still tooting Bundy’s sick horn.  Despite the fact that he is a rural racist, who couldn’t care less for anyone else (including Jews & Blacks) & is obsessed with his misguided actions & digging the hole deeper for himself.

He hasn’t paid the piper yet.  Do you want to donate your hard-earned dollars to help him out?  He stopped paying two decades ago & each year he convinced himself that everyone else was the problem.  He is his own worst enemy.

As it stands, at least I’ve been able to pare down my rss feeds.  I’ve lost a lot of interest in several conservatives today, who have proved their own irrationality.  Oh well, that’s life.  Onward!