Film Review: Sabotage (Schwarzenegger & Worthington) DEA team tries to survive assassination

Sabotage, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams & Terrence Howard.  Director, David Ayer.  You can’t be disappointed with something that’s guaranteed to be overly macho & filled with the f-bomb, right from the get go.  One could have hoped, however; that there would be at least one redeeming element to this film.  There was; Williams.  Who’s portrayal of a  homicide detective, investigating the horrifying death of one of the DEA agents, was a treasure to behold.  Containing three or more precious quips.

Though Schwarzenegger gave it his all as agent in charge of the tough guy squad, it was Williams’ presence which was the main & only entertainment of note.  This English woman’s successful attempt at being a randy, hard-knocks cop was a bright spot in an otherwise dreadful film.  Filled with nothing but meaningless hoopla, strippers, brief liquor parties & sporadic, brief discussions of how the men felt about the death of a comrade.

Throw in a couple of nasty firefights & car chases & the whole charade is complete.  As one bright star does not a heaven make, this movie does not receive my recommendation.  To say the least.

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  1. sorry to hear that. This is the first film with Arnold (since his return) that i was actually waiting for. i will see it eventually.