Russia’s Putin moves to require popular bloggers to register with Kremlin oversight

Bloggers in Russia, with more than three thousand daily hits, will be required to register with the state.  This is censorship which could also lead to a comprehensive crackdown on bloggers’ dissent against the totalitarian regime of Putin.  Who is supported by a majority of Russians, who approve of strongman tactics, in a country that doesn’t understand freedom & which is conditioned to adhere to concepts of overwhelming state control.

Reuters reports that the rubber-stamping Russian parliament has previously:

…approved moves requiring social media websites to keep their servers in Russia and save information about users for at least six months. …

Until now, Russians have considered their domestic blogging as beyond the reach of Kremlin control.

Apparently, the country’s leading blogging site, LiveJournal, will not be displaying the number of a blogger’s subscribers; in an attempt to stand up to these actions by an increasingly aggressive regime.  Though this is futile action as the state will be able to independently ascertain these statistics.

Local, state-controlled media, similar to US liberal-biased, mainstream media – which supports the White House; is quoted as saying:

LiveJournal and Yandex’s move to hide blog statistics is just an emotional decision. …

As Putin, attempts to reassemble the Evil Empire; Russians tank their own lives by the decision to support & continue to elect the monster, who has pandered to their dreams of validity & power.  Even as Hitler promised Germany that it would again be a power in the world.

Meanwhile, the US does nothing but spew diplomatic nonsense & instigate useless sanctions against a country which is accustomed to isolation.

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  1. Everything that is going on in Russia in the last few years is very disturbing.
    Many people don’t even know that there is no such thing as a free press in Russia, all the TV channels are controlled by Putin. Ever since the Ukrainian conflict started the propaganda that is transmitted to the Russian audience is one of the most disturbing things i ever saw. I say that because i speak Russian and my wife is constantly watches that garbage. You need to understand that this propaganda is running 24X7 the programs change every hour but the core issue is still discussed.
    Most of the people are stupid and those who are not still get affected after so many hours of that garbage.
    So Putin wants to close down the only people who actually have some sort of a voice in Russia doesn’t really surprise me.
    Things don’t look good in the Russian front, unless you are Obama who lives in some kind of a fairy land thinking that Putin actually cares for what the spineless president thinks.

    • What you say, confirms what I’ve suspected of their media situation. Most people in the US are unaware of all this. The Liberals here are uncomfortable with the situation, because they thought their obama was going to “reset” our relationship with Russia. Our Conservatives, including me, have never been stupid enough to trust the Russian government or the people that support it.
      Their media content would be garbage, as you say. Propaganda, with little or no real actual news that could be trusted as being unbiased & factual.
      I’ve known some very nice Russians, who fled St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) the moment the wall came down in the late 80’s. They intimated to me that while there are substantial numbers of people that understand democratic values & freedom, the vast majority of people are willing to support the first strongman that comes along.

    • Majority of the population doesn’t really care about politics because outside Moscow and st. Petersburg their life’s conditions are not good. Putin smart being pomping all the strong leader propaganda, that way he shifts the blame from the gouvermant to 3rd party ( the west) . After so long it’s in Russians people blood being negative towards the us and Europe and that is so unfortunate. instead of learning how to build a strong economy to prosper they choose to deal with all kinds of stupid bulshit.
      In my opinion Russia is the biggest enemy of the free world, Putin doesn’t have an agenda he just wants power and his views are summoned to reacting the opposite to what the west stands for no matter the fact that hurts him or his nation as well.
      As the time passes by it will be a lot harder removing him and his allies.