Film Review: Tokarev (Nicolas Cage) Violence begets violence & rage

Tokarev, with Nicolas Cage, Peter Stormare & Danny Glover.  Director, Paco Cabezas.  I’ve seen snippets of Hispanic telenovelas, noting the melodrama so beloved of people that adore these strange soap operas.  This film is about one notch up from that type entertainment.

Whether Cage is losing it, as he ages, or whether he was just not into the film; the performance of his lines was less than adequate.  I know he can do better.  Noting several incidents where his dialogue was just wrong & frankly, amateurish; I was a bit shocked.  But, it was what it was.  A terrible film.

Not that revenge movies are inherently ridiculous.  They are not.  It’s up to the director & the actors to pull off something that’s acceptable.  Car chase scenes & torture sessions need a bit of grace to make them work nowadays.  Perhaps all the budget went into Cage’s salary.

I would say, avoid this film.  Cage has had some real stinkers lately & few successes.  This one tops them all off.  What’s next!

He needs a new direction & I would say, his days as an action star are done.

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  1. Like you said Cage is losing it with age, i started ignoring his films just like i did with Steven Segal’s last 5-10 year film abortions.