Film Review: Devil’s Knot (Firth & Witherspoon) Small town mentality reigns supreme during murder investigation

Devil’s Knot, with Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon & Dane DeHaan.  Director, Atom Egoyan.  Interesting film about a case I remember hearing about during the 1990’s.  The movie accurately representing the twisted mystery & reminding me of what I had read about it.  It was big news, during the mid 2000’s, when the convicted were granted release from prison.

Colin Firth is excellent as an investigator for the defense attorneys in the investigation.  His diction & manners believable as a resident of the American South.  These biopics usually leave an actor a bit stiff & stilted.  Therefore; I’m not going to be too judgmental about creative license.  There was a lot going on & not much time for character development.  This was, after all, based on a real incident.  I like Firth.  He’s definitely an Englishman.

Critically speaking, the film wasn’t the smoothest flowing thing I’ve ever seen.  However; it was just a notch away from being a fictional documentary, so all is forgiven.  The setting, early 90’s, is factually dreary.  Being post 1980’s, when the US was settling down after such a flamboyant, previous decade.

The film is filled with notable television actors.  Several, in fact.  The number of which I found a bit strange.

I do recommend the film.  I must say, Witherspoon is at her best, for what that’s worth.  It’s all fascinating, if not entertaining.

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