Film Review: Godzilla (Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Watanabe) Excellent redux of an old heroic monster

Godzilla, with  Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston & Elizabeth Olsen.  Director, Gareth Edwards.  The initial trailers for this film did not do anything substantial in promoting the film.  Which, I think, accounts for the relatively small audience on a Saturday morning & initially, absent buzz in popularity.  What I was presented with was a big, fantastic adventure, great special effects & balanced drama.

Taylor-Johnson is one of our new, up & coming actors & I do hope he levels out to be on par with the establishment of big action stars.  Great emotions, presentation that is clear & quite the every man, next door neighbor.  His portrayal of an officer on leave from the military who gets caught up in the whole folderol, indeed in the center of things, is well taken & accomplished.  We’ll look forward to his muted stoicism in the future.

If I were to compare this film, as we all do with many, to another; I’d say it has a similar feel to King Kong.  The original Godzilla films, not so much, but this one definitely is the misinterpreted monster that saves the day.  We know this, so it’s not a spoiler.  Also; going in, I was warned that he doesn’t saturate the entire movie, but is rationed out well.  Which proved to be the best strategy.  Otherwise, it would have all been a Transformers free-for-all, beast-fest.

I recommend the film.  Watanabe is always lovely to see, Cranston is humorous even when serious & Olsen is well-concerned with her tears in this entertaining epic.

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