China furious that their military hacker spies have been accused by America

Cyber espionage is no small thing & China has finally been fingered by the US Justice Dept.  Five Chinese military officers have been charged with hacking into private companies in the US, stealing secrets for commercial gain.  The Breitbart reports,

Congressmen James Langevin (D-RI), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, praised the move. “This is far different than the spy-versus-spy espionage that dates back to ancient history,” he said through a spokeswoman. “This is the systematic, methodical, and wholesale theft of corporate property for economic advantage by a country. It is absolutely unacceptable behavior, and this form of economic warfare needs to be combatted aggressively,” said the Congressman.

China is well known for stealing the technology & secrets of other nations, including the US.  China is also well known for its denial of their actions, in order to save face; or honor, as they perceive it.  The hypocrisy & theft is always massive, always dishonorable & pathetic.

Obviously, I’m not a Sinophile & do not admire a people whose history has always been one of isolation & whose people have finally, managed to achieve an industrial revolution.  Late in the game.  In between their periodic & historically guaranteed cultural meltdowns.  A people proud of their achievements, that others have previously made successfully in the West.  A people that still consider the rest of the world as barbarians, while others consider them primitive, volatile & unethical.

To top it all off; China – a non-superpower, third rate power – is threatening “retaliation” for the charges lodged.  Familiar & repetitive rhetoric from a country that always blames others when they, themselves have been caught red-handed in wrong-doing.

No, I do not admire China.  To say the least.  I do not find them worthy of respect or admiration.

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