Russia’s PM Medvedev claims Obama causing a new Cold War

Despite Russia’s annexation of the Crimea & previously, parts of Georgia, prime minister Medvedev thinks that the weak socialist & pacifist US President is causing a new cold war, between the superpower America & the 3rd rate, Russia which lost its Soviet Empire more than a couple of decades ago.  David Martosko writes,

‘Let’s be honest: Those sanctions are a sharp knife for European business,’ he claimed. ‘And American business doesn’t need them either. The only ones who want sanctions are politicians, who use them to reinforce their convictions and demonstrate their power.’

And in a mafia-like jab, the Russian legislative leader hinted that if he wanted to, he could push back against U.S. sanctions.

‘You’ve probably noticed that we have not commented on them a great deal or responded to them harshly,’ he told Bloomberg reporter Ryan Chilcote, ‘although we probably could cause some unpleasantries for the country that imposes those sanctions.’

This is bravado, by the now legislative leader & former puppet president of Russia.  Even with an ineffectual quisling in the Oval Office, the US government pretty much runs itself & its power alone, dwarfs any petty threat by a former power.  It is Russia that is in a weaker position, if the US decides to use it strength militarily & economically to impose punitive measures.

I find it foolish & laughable that Medvedev would attempt to force Obama to punish Russia.  This isn’t a one party, one-dimensional nation.  Pokes & jabs will only cause automatic repercussions against a country that has been on the receiving end of America’s generosity for many years.  Agency heads, military commanders & bureaucrats – upon hearing this – will now begin to accelerate actions designed to cause pain to Putin, his people & his infrastructure.

But the Russians have never understood the structure & mindset of the West – America, in particular.  So, we have an idiot in the White House & two fools in the Kremlin.  That’s nice, isn’t it.  Russia is hoping everyone will accept their territory acquisitions, without rebuttal & response.  Oh well.  Personally, I preferred the preceding world order, where Russia was isolated & contained.  The West isn’t permanently dependent on anything that Russia provides.  Russia will learn another harsh lesson & so will its people; who support their autocrats.

It’s comforting to note; that all any US president need do, is the minimum.  The Pentagon & Government take care of continuing to keep world order.  Medvedev knows that, at least.  His rhetoric & verbal distractions are just propaganda, meant for the Russian public’s consumption.  Obviously.

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  1. Nothing new comes out from the Russian leaders. its always the same bulshit propaganda over and over again, trying to convince their ignorant public in the legitimacy of their cause. now when they are heat with the sanctions they start crying that it is wrong and unjust. The world is cruel and not fair, the Russians should know that more than everyone.