Snowden is tentatively revealed to be a liar about a few things

Edward Snowden, who has exposed a truckload of National Security Agency secrets, has claimed that he raised concerns about several things to his superiors – before absconding with data & nestling among America’s enemies.  The AP writes,

On Thursday, NSA released the email they said Snowden appeared to be referring to, which the agency says is the only communication from Snowden it could find raising any concerns. It was dated April 8, 2013, three months after Snowden first reached out to journalists anonymously. Former NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander said the agency could find no one to whom Snowden voiced concerns verbally either.

Apparently; Snowden lied to NBC’s Brian Williams, in an interview when he said that he’d raised concerns about the NSA’s interpretation of its legal authorities.

In the email to NSA’s general counsel’s office, Snowden questions an NSA document showing the hierarchy of governing authorities, which appeared to put executive orders on par with federal statutes.

“I’m not entirely certain, but this does not seem correct, as it seems to imply executive orders have the same precedence as law,” Snowden said in the email.  “Could you please clarify?”

An unidentified NSA lawyer began his reply, “Hello, Ed,” and told Snowden he was correct: Executive orders cannot override federal law.

To Williams, Snowden said,

 …the reply he got to his email was “more or less, in bureaucratic language, `You should stop asking questions.”‘

In fact, the lawyer’s email to him concludes, “Please give me a call if you would like to discuss further.”

The fringe on the Left & Right may not be able to understand that there is more than one component to Snowden’s crime, but those of us who do understand compartmentalization realize that, while it is indeed an troubling issue – NSA spying on everything that moves – it is also treason to steal government secrets, flee the country; ending up in the arms of the Kremlin.

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