Film Review: Maleficent (Jolie & Copley) Unanticipated retelling of an old story

Maleficent, with Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning & Sam Riley.  Director, Robert Stromberg.  Who would have thought the old fairy tale would have some kick left in it!  I’ll say right now, I was wowed.

Always liked Jolie’s talent & presence & I think I’m going to have to bump her up to include her in my mental list of favorites.  Her portrayal of the evil fairy in this Disney film was superb, in every way.  Dripping with emotion & a victim’s burden in life, she stands out as really, the only actress, young enough, that could have played this part.

Leave it to Disney to revise their old animation classic into a cavalcade of superb acting, special effects & enchantment, without falling into a hole, pandering to juveniles.  If there is going to be one perfect film this year, with just the right amount of everything, without being overly long; it will be this, I predict.

I recommend this film.

Riley is a great, new face that needs to be picked up for more future films.  He has every bit as much presence & beauty as Jolie.

I think the world of the South African Copley.  His splash into American films has been magnificent.

The child actors were muted enough, to be acceptable & the film is not really for kiddies.  All around fantastic.  Loved it.

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