Idaho burg cancels its party for deserter

I’m thinking the sheer amount of knowledge about the situation, which needs little more than debriefing Bergdahl; has finally topped off enough that the Idahoan town isn’t going to have a wingding.

I’m sure a calculation was made, that having &/or attending a party on his behalf would be seen as tacit collaboration with the deserter, possible collaborator & fool.

I just read something that even the simpleton Afghan villagers saw him head towards the Taliban after desertion & tried to talk him out of it, offering him food & important advice.  So, this is just getting better & better, for that Supreme Idiot in the White House, Susan Rice & Obama’s childish & ignorant staff.

I hope the jeering hurts him to the core.  Apparently, he was expecting everyone to be really, really happy about the whole thing.  The swap being made right after his recent suck-up to the troops in Afghanistan.  What a weak, ignorant man we have in the White House.

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