Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow (Cruise & Blunt) Fighting aliens same day at a time

Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton & Brendan Gleeson.  Though I’ve been pining about over-used stories & themes, I’ve noticed several upcoming films have potential.  This movie was to be a unique script; even though Cruise is known for repetition & successful formulas.  It turned out to be a bit too unique, yet too much like a few others in the past.  Living the same day over & over, working through the confusion & winning in the end.

Cruise is definitely on the edge of losing his mojo.  It’s an age thing.  Burning out, doing the same thing over & over until it turns into a joke.  However; he’s definitely a trooper & keeps it together.  A good actor, perhaps a little to anal retentive in dispensing just the right amount of periodic gumption & dry humor.

The VFX are tremendous, if a little bit too much of a kaleidoscope.  Blinking helps – & breathing, just to keep up.  Also, let it be known; there’s a particular amount of calculation & thought the viewer has to maintain, in order to keep things straight.

Blunt & Paxton are each swell talents, contained in bubbles, which revolve around Cruise; of course.  Blunt’s character elegant & tough.  Paxton’s, always on the edge of breaking into laughter & yet maintaining that science fiction, daredevil icon, damn the torpedoes aura we, science fiction aficionados, love so well.

I recommend the movie.  It is confusing & a carnival ride, to say the least.  Perhaps it’s Mr. Cruise’ last big hurrah.  We’ll see.

There were a couple of points in the film that I will have to get clarification about, in the future.  If I want to think about this all again.  I don’t usually miss a cue & hate to wag an unjustified finger.

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  1. definitely a film that i will have to check out.
    You cant blame Cruise for making the same things over and over again. He makes money and those films keep him busy doing something he loves. As long as the public keeps watching his films, he will keep on making them.