America’s global influence has been reduced under Obama, Hillary states it was “restored”

Even though America has suffered loss of power with Obama’s unwillingness to lead the free world, his back tracking on Syria, fumbling any orchestration that could have happened with the so-called Arab Spring, Obama’s general weakness on the world stage; Charlie Spiering writes,

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that although she had disagreements with President Obama during her time at the State Department, she was largely proud of her career.
“[I]n many areas he and I worked together and I think we saw positive results, I’m very proud of what we did during the time I was there,” she said. “I think we restored America;s leadership at a time when it was in quite dire straights.”

Rewriting recent history; fantasizing that a recently strong US presence worldwide projecting power & might in two wars, laying down the law to our enemies so they didn’t encroach on the order that America, until Obama tenure, had maintained with strength & alacrity – Hillary has laid down lies in order to prepare a path to a possible run for the presidency in 2016.

Further; she is now bringing up the raid to kill bin Laden, to pad a stint as Secretary of State which knew no substantial accomplishments.

Former National Security Council and Obama adviser Tommy Vietor has also joined Clinton’s team to promote the book.

“Her record is our record,” he said to Democrats while discussing the book.

Clinton also praised Obama for his actions in the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

“I looked at the president. He was calm. Rarely have I been prouder to serve by his side as I was that day,” she writes.

All of this reeks of desperation.  She had no real successes as Secretary of State, other than day to day administration duties & decisions of that department.  She is credited as fumbling the ball on the Benghazi mess, where she left our ambassador to Libya, who happened to be gay, flailing in the wind to be murdered in a terrorist attack.

So, this will be her method of operation.  Lying, re-writing history, glomming onto Obama’s liberal-perceived record of success.  She wants her supporters to have reasons to vote for her, so they may broadcast fabrications to low-information independents.  I’m sure the intention of this “book” is to also claim Obama’s supporters, as her own.

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