Majority Whip McCarthy to make his move to become House Majority Leader

US House of Representatives Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, snake in the garden, insider’s insider & secondary penultimate Establishment Republican; will now be making his move to become Majority Leader, in the wake of Cantor’s primary loss.


For one of the more focused and effective pols in Congress, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, the time spent by others kicking around the news was an opportunity to gather his team around him in his oversized offices in the United States Capitol, no doubt quickly developing an action plan so detailed that even his fictional counterpart, Congressman Frank Underwood from the House of Cards, would be impressed.


If McCarthy leaves the whip position, get ready for another battle—perhaps between McMorris Rodgers, Pete Roskam of Illinois, and Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who has already officially decided to seek the post following colleagues’ urging, Politico notes. Conservatives want Cantor to step down now, paving the way to a leadership debate soon. In the coming days, “you’re going to start hearing that people are seriously considering a run. It will be blown up,” says an ex-party leadership staffer. “By the end of the week, we’re going to see who is interested and who is not.”


McCarthy’s future is less certain. Within hours, several names emerged to challenge the 49-year old for top leadership spots. There’s Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), currently the fourth-ranking Republican; Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.), the head of the House Financial Services Committee; and Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), who chairs the powerful House Rules Committee and has been passed over before for leadership positions.

Pete Sessions, House Rules Committee Chairman, is considering a bid for Majority Leader.  However; it’s expected that Establishment Republican, cry baby & sellout, Speaker Boehner will (no doubt) support McCarthy.  Supporting Sessions is a good idea, in order to break the chain of non-conservative, immigration reform supporting collaborators.

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