Stream of consciousness: Iraq War

Hindsight is an historical judgment.  Personally, during the run up to war, I was conflicted & people were trying to get me to jump on the “invade Iraq now” train.  I thought it a better idea to, not empty the chamber on a non-target &, instead, hit Iran. Which, even then, was known to actually have a valid nuclear program & well-documented aspirations.  Also; Iran was & is our enemy.

But, thinking back, there was a lot of folderol going on with Iraq.  Saddam was abusive, he enraged people by detaining American children, his genocidal actions were documented, he did attempt to assassinate Bush Senior, our CIA had “intelligence” of wmd’s & there was the very, very real blood-lust after 9/11.

Ask any non-American that can remember & they’ll tell you the US march to war was palpable & frightening. It had a life of its own.

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    • However; America has supported liberty & removed hideous tyrants around the world for many years. So, removing Saddam & giving the Iraqis a chance to choose freedom & their own path is not something to take lightly.

  1. As long as the Arabs fight between themselves its good for the western world. When they back up a somehow a steady regime (like Iran) it creates problems for the rest of the world. Sadam was a contra to the Iranians, Now they feel a lot more free to do whatever they want. Removing Sadam from power was the right move but removing the lunatics in Iran could have been better.

    • They always were an enemy of the free world, Only the perception of the western leaders changed in the last few years. It doesn’t matter how hard you want something to be something else, you cant change the fact that it isn’t.