An unlawful president, an unapologetic IRS & Egypt’s ruthless purging of terrorists

The rightful criticism of Obama’s southern border crisis continues to unfold with thousands of unaccompanied children flocking to the border after word of mouth spreads throughout the Americas, that children making their way to the border, won’t be deported.

Todd Beamon, Newsmax

“This president not only doesn’t get it, he has completely failed in his core responsibilities to enforce the law and secure our border,” Babeu, the chief law-enforcement officer in Pinal County in the southern part of the state, said in an interview Friday. “There is no longer any law when it comes to immigration. He’s now termed it as ‘a humanitarian crisis.’ “

After conveniently losing emails during the investigation of the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, the agency refuses to apologize.

Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy DC

The head of the Internal Revenue Service refused to apologize Friday for lost emails in the scandal over the improper screening of conservative groups and denied more widespread computer failures.

In Egypt’s purposeful & pro-active fight against the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, scores of terrorists are sentenced to death.

AP via NYPost

An Egyptian court has confirmed the death sentences of more than 180 Islamists, including the top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Lawyers say the ruling, which was confirmed Saturday, can be overturned on appeal. It was not immediately clear how many sentences had been confirmed, with lawyers giving estimates ranging from 182 to 197.

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