Film Review: Under the Skin (Scarlett Johansson) Strange woman preys on the unwary

Under the Skin, with Scarlett Johansson.  Director, Jonathan Glazer.  This is a dark horse, with not much advertisement in the run up to its release & I found it to be a disturbing character study.  Well worth a peek.

Johansson is at her absolute best in this taught & otherworldly sci-fi movie, in my opinion.  My instinct with her is to always be suspicious of her talent, for some reason, deep down, that I refuse to expand upon.  However; I have to say, she’s one of the best thespians we have in the world today.  Her depiction of a predatory woman, always on the go looking for men of all kinds; is filled with nuance & grace.

The film itself is simple, gloomy & utterly filled with foreboding.  All the right suspense, pressure points are hit.  Marking the director, Glazer, as an artist.  It’s almost more of a portrait of Scottish society than it is anything else.  Which lends the ruthlessly minimal plot, magnificent cinematography & bleak locations; a depth that otherwise might have been missing.

I recommend this film.  It’s a masterpiece & perhaps a future cult classic.  Johansson is always a walking, talking beauty.

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