Obama desperate to govern by executive decree

The government of the United States of America is divided into three equal branches.  Obama doesn’t like this.  Obama, by his & his own party’s actions, has made an enemy of half the nation; therefore, an enemy of the Republicans who represent the traditions & power of the US.

If there actually is gridlock in the government it is because Obama’s decisions, wants & wishes are opposed.  How difficult is this to understand?  Do we need more legislation?  Do we need to “fix something”.  No, to these questions.  Obama needs to enforce the laws & standards of the US.  This gridlock is just the way our country was designed to be.  With change, slow & difficult.  It is a hallmark of our power.

It doesn’t matter what Obama says.  He must comply.  It doesn’t matter what his agenda is or what he thinks is right & true.  He must comply & perform in accordance to the Constitution of the United States.  But, he is spoiled.  Presidents of both parties have been increasing the power of the presidency for many, many decades.  He knows what his predecessors have accomplished or tried to implement.  Yet, the basis for agenda of fundamentally changing the country makes for automatic push back against him & his party.

I have never witnessed a more petty man in his position.  An amateur.  Enmeshed in scandal & corruption.  Opinion polls down, marking him as a very unpopular president at home & abroad.

Obama, ever absent in taking responsibility for his actions, is always upset that people do not agree with his attempts to alter America, apologize for America & damage America.

The thing in the White House is now so frantic to appear not-inept, that he has asked his cabinet to search for things that can be done by executive action.

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