I think it is well & good Saddam is dead & gone.  We did win the war, & Iraq was left in good standing.  These are facts. Whether it was worth it all, the centuries will have to decide.  A force consistent with our residual forces in places like the Philippines, Japan,  South Korea & Germany would have stopped these ISIS whoevertheyareitdoesn’tmatter, just for the fact of our mere presence.  Just 10,000 troops would have sufficed.

But, since the imbecile in the White House didn’t dictate (the correct word) a Status of Forces Agreement & we exited: that ship has sailed.  We shouldn’t be going back in & I doubt the magic N will send troops back in.

It’s upwards & onwards!  Support the Kurds.  Whatever.  The real problem is & always has been the fanatics in Iran & their nuclear agenda.  Which Bush should have taken care of before the Iraq War.

A lot of people had blithered on about “the road to Iran is through Iraq”.  Well, that didn’t happen & we don’t need to be invading anyone again; but, we sure as hell can bomb any country back to the Stone Age.

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