Film Review: America (D’Souza) An explanation of the indictments against the US & the reality behind them

America, with Dinesh D’Souza.  Directors, John Sullivan & Dinesh D’Souza.  Being an Independent Conservative & an American Patriot.  I was indeed looking forward to what was anticipated to be a fantastic film, by D’Souza, who also created 2016: Obama’s America; a former favorite of mine – that was itself brilliant.

Contrary to what I had imagined, this was not an alternate history exercise.  Which is fine.  Perhaps, I’m used to jumping to conclusions with trailers & promotions.  Anyway, the delineation of the facts & issues surrounding those people that are dead set at ruining this country, as a nation & power, is made clear & insightful.  The alacrity of focus on the backgrounds of those whose mission is to “remake” & rip apart America, is itself disturbing & alarming.  Such pinpointing is much needed in a time of smooth talkers & deception.

At risk of spoiling the film, for those that haven’t seen it; I could clearly see, that the Socialists & Leftists, along with others, revealed themselves, without obvious editing, to be what they actually are:  anti-Americans.  Sociopaths, inclined to untruths & European-style Marxist dogma & ideology.  Yet the film isn’t really about anti-Americanism.  The main issues against the USA, are addressed.

The film is indeed much more than I’ve said, of course.  One does not review a film by synopsis.  Rather the impression & construction of any film is taken into account, by me.  My analysis of this movie?  Well done, professional, beautiful & exciting in a way that one finds when revelation & validation are presented.

I respect D’Souza’s endemic honesty.  Also, the power of thought, coming from an intellectual & grateful immigrant – gives me hope.

I recommend this film for everyone, including the single issue voters & liberals who are unaware of the damage they do to a nation whose intent has always been benign.

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