Texas’ Rick Perry sends National Guard to protect border from Illegal Aliens influx

Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to send 1,000 National Guard troops to its border with lawless Mexico to help stem the tide of Illegal immigrants coming through, including huge amounts of unaccompanied Illegal alien children, interspersed with drug cartel members & other criminal elements.

In a bold move, contravening the US Federal Government’s inaction & facilitation of this invasion from another country, of people who are not refugees, but who are taking advantage of the perceived (for good reason) notion that if you send your children to the US, they will be able to remain; Perry is doing his job, protecting the citizens of Texas, against this disgusting importation of another country’s problems.

While the country, as a whole, is horrified by the stupidity of the Obama Administration’s hesitation to do anything of substance, in the matter – a governor has to perform in the absence of Federal action.  The border needs to be protected.  Every nation has the right to protect its border.

Let’s all please remember, this is America.  It’s not South or Central America.  Also, those that feel the disingenuous need to call any action, regarding this unacceptable inflow, as racist; need to shut their traps & try to respect reality & the undeniable truths of the  matter.

Children, are dying.  Obama is responsible.

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